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NTN are committed to providing a website that is accessible and usable to all users. We are working on improving the accessibility of our website, if you have any feedback about your experience using our site please contact us.

Simple Language
We use simple language that is easy to understand and attempt to avoid the use of jargon, acronyms and abbreviations.

We have used a font and text size that we believe are clear and easy to read. Text can be re-sized using browser settings and controls.

Navigation menus are consistent throughout the site and descriptive page titles are used.

All images have alternative text to allow users who are using screen readers can read the text

Free text readers:
– Natural readers
– Text to Speech

For more information on changing your computers and browser settings please visit the BBC accessibility site:

Ensis would strongly advocate joining the network in order that your organisation can benefit from the myriad of experience and opportunities presented by NTN and its numerous members.

— Stuart Crosby, Ensis Solutions